hillside house I 1140 Vienna

Studio and residential building
Loudonstraße 23, 1140 Vienna
Award winner wienwood 2005,
Nomination The best house 2005

The idea of “Living with the sun” was already present at the beginning of our own work. For many others, the property on the steep slope oriented towards the south, seemed unsuitable for a building. The dream of a house open towards the south, made the decision easy.
At the bottom of the building there is our apartment with a garden, above there is a studio with its own entrance from the street.
We decided to move our office here and the sunlight and view over Wiental is cherished by all of us.
Because of the experimental construction we profited in learning. The experience with the building services, some wood construction work such as window and floor construction enhanced our expert knowledge.

> wienwood 05
> Press: Best of Austria 2 2009

> landscape

Net floor area
~ 350 m²
Net production costs
~ 580 000 €
Ablinger & Vedral
Construction period
1995 – 2002