Courtyard Design OSCE 1010 Vienna

Courtyard Design
Former Palais Palffy
Wallnerstrasse 6, 1010 Vienna

During the renovation of the former Palais Palffy, the courtyard was surrounded by a new Glass facade. The rooms located with view towards the courtyard were mainly offices. On the ground floor the cafeteria was planned with a wooden patio above water. The look of the courtyard works as a contrast to the new high tech facade. The patio, the water, the stones and the arranged plants were built on the same level. The relaxing sound of the water and the white grit function as a contrast to the dark glass facade.

> built project
> Press report: Landscape World Magazine 12 2007

Courtyard area
~ 260 m2
Client / responsible authority
Austria / Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour

Construction period