Palais Palffy 1010 Vienna

Former Palais Palffy renovation and reinvigoration
Wallnerstraße 1010 Vienna
New OSCE head quarters

Renovation has to do with healing, healing with renewal. A good renovation revives the building, respects what is already there, intervenes where there are structural weaknesses to remedy and fills the building with a new brilliance.
The valuable fabric of building was kept and restored, the less valuable was removed to let more air and sunlight into the building.

Nomination Österr.Baupreis 2009
> Press report: Die Presse 29.12.2007
> Exhibition “gebaut 2007”
> courtyard design

arch., general pl., site supervision
Net floor area
~ 9.200 m²
Gross floor area
~ 12.300 m²
Net building cost
~ 22 Mio €
Net total cost
~ 26 Mio €
Client / responsible authority
Austria / Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour
Construction period
2005 – 2007