cluster school 1220 Vienna

cluster school Leopold-Kohr-Straße 1220 Vienna

As a geometrically clear, compact building, the school characterises both the street space and the neighborhood square and only needs one interior staircase and one elevator. The small footprint offers generously dimensioned open spaces. The semi-public forecourt and green inner yard are entered from the neighborhood square through a “filter made of plants”. The outdoor classrooms are oriented towards this inner yard – protected from train noise. A spacious atrium with a double staircase forms the central point of the house and serves as an orientation room, meeting point and access point.
The clusters are equally located on both sides of the atrium and have outdoor classes oriented towards the courtyard, which are connected to each other by green bridges. The flowing multifunctional area with zoning into larger group and smaller relaxation areas allows for uses for the most diverse needs and working methods.

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