Residential Building Berresgasse
1220 Vienna

A new urban district with almost 3000 apartments is being developed along Berresgasse.
After detailed exposure studies, we have set and shaped the “high” components in such a way that shading is minimized. The sun studies have now resulted in two buildings with swivelled walls: the shadows cast by the two houses are reduced, the roof terrace on the 2nd floor between the two is better lit and some apartments have a more distant view.
The façade areas on the west side that cannot be exposed with daylight quality were minimized by turning away from the neighboring building.
The 2-storey orthogonal plinth zone encloses the open space; cantilevered building elements were dispensed with here. On the ground floor are the building entrances, bicycle storage rooms, ancillary rooms and apartments – only where the lighting for recreation rooms is guaranteed.

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Net Floor Area
~ 6.900 m²
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