Residential building 1020 Vienna

Residential building Handelskai 1020 Vienna
1st Rank Competition 1996

Construct by the water
Vienna did not use the chance to become a city by the water. The river area is surrounded by traffic at the moment. Great restoration work would be needed in order to bring back the element water to the city planning.
Sun, light, air, privacy and open space … the needs of residents do not change, but the economic and social conditions in a city do. We tried to not ignore the traffic problems along the river, rather do the best out of the delicate situation. The pulsating location Handelskai was our chance to improve city life by the water.
We managed to open the building toward the river without giving the residents plenty of traffic noise. We wanted to create space that suited the building and its inhabitants, allowing the residents to profit from the river view, not the traffic view.

> Press report: Der Standard 09.07.2006
> Press report: Architektur 04.2006
> Exhibition “gebaut 2005”
> Press report: Wettbewerbe 11.1996

Net floor area 220 dwellings
~ 18 000 m²
Net floor area supermarket
~ 2 000 m²
Net production costs
~ 20,3 Mio €
Construction period
2003 – 2005