Residential building 1211 Vienna

LEO 21 Residential building
1211 Vienna

The developers GPA-WBV and WVG joined forces and cooperated with three teams of architects in order to design this city block within the quarter Leopoldau. The new construction along a highly frequented main street forms a transition between continuous urban fabric from the period of promoterism and a sparse, wide commercial area. This transition is depicted in our building, as social housing is stacked on top of a commercial base, which accommodates shops of daily consumers’ needs.
In order to optimally limit noise pollution arising from the main street, re-vegetated access balconies run along the main street. The flats are set back from the street and oriented towards the quiet, green inner courtyard.

Number of dwellings
Net floor area
8.660 m²
Net production costs
~11 m €
Construction period