Residential building 1230 Vienna

Residential building, Ketzergasse 97
1230 Vienna

The almost historical structure along the Ketzergasse disunite the location:
The outside is rather dirty and loud and on the inside we find quiet and calm gardens.
The development of the narrow, elongated, north/south oriented property is divided into 5 building structures. Along the Ketzergasse the existing building is largely preserved and extended by a garden side extension. A narrow two-storey structure adjoins the existing building on both the west and east sides. In the southern part of the property, a two-storey building forms the end of the residential development. Near the southern boundary of the plot a small outbuilding with a common room and storage rooms for the apartments is built. The individual buildings are connected by a footpath system.

Number of dwellings
Net floor area
~ 1 200 m²
Net floor area farmacy
~ 180 m²
Net production costs
~ 2,0 M €
Construction period
2000 – 2003